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30-minutes is all we need to show how our ​​nd results-driven service can bring value to you and your employees.  ​​​To initiate a meeting request, click here.  Meetings are available in-person or via web conference.  

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​​​​​DecisionPoint is a financial wellness service that does for employers what educational programs and websites can't: foster the focus and motivation employees need to engage, ask the right questions, make decisions, and take action to improve and protect their financial wellbeing.

DecisionPoint is composed of two services:

QuickCheck is an eye-opening, 25-minute one-on-one session between an employee and a specially-trained facilitator who will raise their awareness on 25 key financial vitals while fostering the focus and motivation they need to make decisions and take action to improve and protect their financial wellbeing.    

Benefit to Your Employees

  • Gives them a high-impact, one-page overview of their financial wellness based on 25 key

          financial vitals. 

  • ​Helps them think through the value, implications and possible ramifications of each

          vital on their overall financial wellbeing. 

  • Helps them identify which financial vitals they need to address, and prioritize them

          into a "Top 3 Action Items" list.

  • Helps them connect their "action items" to benefits and resources you offer. 
  • Fosters the focus and motivation they need to make decisions and take action.
  • At the employee’s request, provide other resources and follow-up on their action items.

         (Unaffiliated with QuickCheck).

Anywhere, Anyway and (almost) Anytime

QuickCheck sessions are avialible in-person, or by free video conferencing services using a laptop, tablet/iPad or even a phone.  Perfect for busy, time-pressed employees who know they need to address their financial situation, but can’t seem to find the time or a way to do it.  

Benefits to You 

  • Bolsters and complements your total benefits package.
  • Helps connect plan benefits/resources to the needs of your employees.
  • Potential for higher participation in elective benefits. 
  • Potential for higher retirement plan contribution levels.
  • Demonstrates goodwill and an active interest in your employees’ wellbeing. 
  • Increases employee retention and loyalty.
  • Non-commercial.  Does not compete with retirement plan/benefits provider(s).
  • Minimal time and effort to implement, maintain and support.  We handle:
    • All promotional and ongoing communication material
    • Scheduling
    • Managing and overseeing QuickCheck sessions
    • Ongoing support
  • ​You stay focused on your core business responsibilities​​.

A QuickCheck for Everyone
All age groups, knowledge levels and financial situations can benefit from QuickCheck.

Vetted and Valuable

  • 2014 - 2015: offered statewide to thousands of Michigan residents as part of the State of Michigan’s “Reinventing Mi Retirement” initiative.
  • 2017: provided to State of MI employees from Detroit to Escanaba as part of the State of Michigan’s “Securing Mi Financial Future” initiative.  Employee surveys show a 99% “highly valuable” rating.

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While some of us are “do-it-yourselfers” when it comes to investing outside of the retirement plan, many of us prefer to use a financial advisor.  But the outside world of financial services is very different from the protective “cocoon” of the retirement savings plan.  How do you select the right advisor?  How do reduce uncertainty?  How do you make informed and beneficial decisions when you don’t even know what questions to ask, or what to look for in an answer?  Help is here.

Informed, Aware and Careful Consumers of Financial Services

QuickGuides are a set of 6 protective and easy-to-follow guides that help your employees make more-informed and beneficial decisions when the enter the complex and confusing world of financial services seeking advice and services beyond the scope of the benefits and resources you offer.  The guides are written so that anyone from novice to expert can pick them up and use them.

  • No more wondering what questions to ask.
  • No more wondering about the answer.    

The Value of QuickGuides

  • Reduces uncertainty
  • Brings clarity and confidence
  • Improves your understanding of key account information
  • Improves your ability to make more-informed and beneficial decisions

No investor advocacy group or educational program offers anything like QuickGuides.